A common misconception about polished concrete floors is these surfaces need no maintenance. While they require less maintenance than other materials like carpet, tiles, and vinyl, a polished concrete floor needs proper care to keep its shine and longevity.


Here are tips you need to maintain your polished concrete floor:

Sweep the polished floor regularly using a microfiber pad.

Floors encounter dust, debris, and hard materials daily. Unless they are removed, these particles can create tiny scratches on your polished concrete floor. At the same time, mopping the floor with rough fiber can also damage its shine.


The best material to use is a dust mop with microfiber pads. Their gentle, soft fabric can clean the floor thoroughly without harming its surface.

Wash the concrete floor with clean water and a neutral floor cleaner.

Using clean water is often enough to remove dirt from your concrete floor. But using water alone often just moves contaminants around the floor, making it dirtier and prone to discoloration. In cases where the concrete floor needs extensive cleaning, like when it encountered spills and stains, only use neutral floor cleaner.

A highly acidic cleaner can leave ugly etches on the floor. Using a neutral ph chemical, on the other hand, is best because they are designed to suspend dirt from the floor, making it easy to remove.


Clean up stains and spills immediately

Stains and spills can come from different sources and have varying reactions on your polished concrete floor. Of course, concrete is not a vulnerable as other flooring materials. But when stains and spills stay long enough on any surface, they dry up and become harder to clean using basic cleaning materials.

When stains and spills cling to the floor, cleaning the concrete floor may require you to use stronger materials than may remove the contaminating stain but would also harm the floors’ shine. To avoid this, make sure to clean up stains and spills at once before they cause unwanted damage.


No polished concrete floor is invulnerable. Avoid damaging your shiny and beautiful polished concrete floor by sweeping the floor regularly using a microfiber pad, washing the floor with clean water and a neutral floor cleaner, and cleaning up stains and spills immediately. Contact us to know more about maintenance tip. If you need our team for a  concrete polishing projects, send us your inquires through this form.

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